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1. What is the basic process, and the terms and conditions for renting lists?

Most lists are supplied on a one-time rental basis. The list renting for $95/M is explained as having a base rental price of $95 per thousand records. Additional charges, for selects and processing, are added to the base rental rate.

A mailer may re-use a list with permission or may request "Multiple Use for One Year." The mailer will then sign a Multiple Use for One Year Agreement; prepay the order on a base rental rate of $240/M plus selects and processing.

A minimum order is 3000 names, one of the lowest in the industry.

2. How quickly can I get a list?

List orders are produced to your detailed specifications. A new customer needs to be processed into the accounting system as well as the order system. With most lists being delivered by e-mail, delivery time can be estimated at 3 to 5 working days. Rush orders are welcome.

3. What selects are offered in a list rental?

Selects are additional ways a list may be "niche" to better target your mailing. For example, you may want only a certain state, even zip code, or you may want "females only", or companies with 100+ employees. The following "selects" are offered in some of the datacards:

Gender $5/M
State/SCF/Zip $5/M
Employee Size $5/M
Sales Volume $5/M
Title Address $5/M
Keycoding $5/M

Title addressing is adding a title instead of the contact name. Perhaps the exact title is not available on the list, but by directing the mail to that title, the mailer will reach their target market.

Keycoding is a simple way to track the response produced by a particular list. The mailer may set alphabetical &/or numeric characters on the order form or return postcard. Keycoding will also decipher one list select from another, so when individuals do respond the mailer will know which list is working well for them.

4. What is the source of your lists?

All of our lists are response lists, meaning the individuals have responded to a direct marketing offer. The lists are really the customer names of a company.

5. What is "recency"?

Recency, or "hotline" as it is sometimes referred, is names of individuals who have made recent purchases in response to direct marketing offers. The mailer may select 3-month recency ($15/M), 6-month recency ($10/M) or 12-month recency ($5/M) for the additional fee shown.

6. What is your guarantee?

All response lists are guaranteed to be 95% deliverable. Remy Direct will refund first class postage rate ($.37) for any returned mail over 5% of the list. The returned pieces must be received within 90 days of the list shipment. Phone and fax numbers are not guaranteed.